Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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1st, download your favourite photo using effects at

1. Do you think you are HOT?
Tak ehh.. im cool... hehehe boleh plak jawab camtu

2. Why do you like this picture?
Becoz its show my Nini become a cover girl with bikini.. hehehe

3. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Dinner with my Nini on 30-March-2009, that time daddy was outstation

4. The last song you listen to?
Im yours by Jason Mraz.. kongsi earphone ngan Nini this morning while waiting for our turn.
Pegi clinic to monitor her weight.. hehehe

5. What are you doing right now besides this?
Drink coffee & makan kuih.. dengan kata lain baru breakfast dah kul 11.00 am nie.. hehehe

6. What name u prefer besides yours?
Cinta... hehehe pengaruh sinetron

7. People to tag
Let me think 1st

8. Who is no.1?
Of coz Awang Niaman & Dayang Mirzani Fatini

9. No.3 is having relationship with?
With my Bachelor brother

10. Say something about no.5?
My previous car that registration no. QKU 5525. I miss her very much

11. How about no.4?
Of coz my Nini date of birth 4th April and not forgotten my cyber friend Mrsslurp
Anniversary on the same date.

12. Who is no.2?
Of coz my car and the registration no. QRE 222.

13. Others
No 6 - Remind me with sweet666 (Zizie Hashim) you rawk babe...
No 7 - Remind me to wake-up every morning at 7.00 am... hehehe

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MamaTiaMia said...

hi mummy nini, nyaris terlepas tengok comment ni ha..ohh dah bukak blog yer..kita pun lama dah tak tengok budak super tiut ni..dah 4 tahun rupanya..aduhh mummy nini nak add nama cinat next your name ni..memang kuat pengaruh sinetron ni ha..nanti ada doter lagi taruk nama "jelita" sah,sah jelita sepanjang masa.